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Notre Dame of Dadiangas University

AKP vs TGP unite
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Five Hierarchy of Loyalty

Five Hierarchy of Loyalty

1. GOD                                                      3. FAMILY

2. COUNTRY                                           4. SCHOOL

  5. AKRHO



Understanding the Hierarchy our Brotherhood's pledged to serve begins by Preserving its History. The VISION, MISSION and HARD WORK of our pioneers shaped what we are now and what we are PROTECTING. Everything varies in many ways but every members' love to the brotherhood will never vary in enhancing the future of the Hierarchy. Variations aren't ruled out a hinder. For this reason, we created a ' light a do ' list for our members.
Listed are some simple ways we can generate several services we may pledge. 

Make Services and involvement to your local Religious Groups.

1) Let us serve and donate help to local Religious Groups.
2) Let us preach God's word to the Family, Friends and Neighborhood.
3) Let us teach Children to pray and respect God.
4) Let us obey the Word of God.
5) Let us help the poor, needy and homeless.
6) Let us respect others' religious faith and belief.


II. Make Services and involvement in the Country, City or Community.
1) Let us support or fund Cleanliness Drive.
2) Let us support and engage in the Crime Prevention Program.
3) Let us help and support Community Services and Projects.
4) Let us respect elders in the Community.
5) Let us guide youths in the Community.
6) Let us obey and respect the law of the land.
7) Let us help the poor, needy and homeless.

III.Make Services and help your Family, Parents and siblings.
1) Let us participate in our family and friends get together.
2) Let us guide, teach our children and other children of family moral values.
3) Let us respect ,obey elders and family circle.
4) Let us help the poor, needy and homeless.

IV. Make Services and help your School, University or College.
1) Let us create a Cleanliness Drive in School.
2) Let us assemble School and Educational Programs.
3) Let us support Student Affairs and its Programs.
4) Let us volunteer and support Faculty workshops and needs.
5) Let us help the poor, needy and homeless.


V. Alpha Kappa Rho International Service Fraternity and Sorority.
1) Let us create Programs, Projects and Services to establish closeness among members.
2) Let us communicate as leaders, as members and as AKP representatives.
3) Let us support, donate and fund the Brotherhood.
4) Let us guide and provide orientation to younger members.
5) Let us respect the Seniority.
5) Let us respect fellow Skeptrons