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Notre Dame of Dadiangas University

AKP vs TGP unite
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We welcome you to our website of the Alpha Kappa Rho International Humanitarian Service Fraternity and Sorority ,based at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University chapter.,this is the official website of the real skeptrons.

As your brother fraternity, we made it a point to provide you with informations you can use for your continued intercommunications with us. To carry out mission we had gathered real informations and thrown away misinformations, misconceptions or miscommunications. We had now come up with plenty of real information from the different relevant contributions coming from fellow skeptrons, to attain our goal that of providing the best and true informations regarding our fraternity through reliable and proper communication for being a skeptron. In return, we may hear from you too, our brothers and sisters. Please let us know about your intents of becoming a skeptron, your interests and other interesting concerns that will benefits all the skeptrons in the community.

It had been known to everybody that the creation of this brotherhood had started in a dream, way back in 1973, when it was founded. The brotherhood had started its exposure as the first inter-collegiate service fraternity and sorority in the Philippines school, colleges and universities. These services were not only applied to urban entities and communities, but had also excelled in rural communities service.